Water supply and drainage plays an important role in every project. In order for a water supply and drainage system to work effectively, many factors must be considered, including water supply and drainage equipment. Learn how to choose water supply and drainage equipment with EUROPIPE in this article.

What is a drainage system?

Water supply system is a combination of works that collect water, transport water, treat water, regulate and distribute water to water users.

Requirements of the water supply system:

– Ensure adequate and continuous delivery of the required amount of water to the places of consumption.

– Ensure water quality meets usage requirements

– Low cost of construction and management

– Easy and convenient construction and management, capable of automating and mechanizing the exploitation, treatment and transportation of water..

A drainage system (HTTN) is a collection of tools, drainage pipes and structures that perform three functions: collecting, transporting and treating wastewater before it is discharged to the source.

Criteria for selection of water supply and drainage equipment

Equipment quality requirements

Sanitary ware and water supply and drainage fittings shall generally be manufactured from solid, durable materials, and have smooth, clean and impervious surfaces. All equipment must ensure the required design quality, conform to the State’s regulations, standards, industry standards, or equivalent foreign standards that have been accepted by our State. application permission.

Devices used with special functions can be made of stone, chemically resistant ceramic, lead, stainless steel, coated with copper alloy, copper-nickel or other materials depending on the intended use of the device. bag.

General requirements for installation of water supply equipment

First of all, all equipment must be installed in the most convenient locations for proper use. Equipment should be installed as close to the pipeline system as possible, and in a convenient location for repair, cleaning and maintenance during use. The locations of equipment attached to the wall and floor must ensure the most appropriate waterproofing treatment.

Spare parts for water supply

Water supply lines or fittings for supplying water to sanitary ware must be installed in accordance with technical requirements, especially technical requirements for backflow prevention. The anti-backflow device used for installation must be compatible with the equipment, the correct type for anti-backflow, such as the anti-backflow float valve in the water tank, or the vacuum shut-off valve in the metering discharge valve.