Electrical Conduit

Electrical Conduit

Electrical conduits branded Europipe are a cost-effective solution. Our products come in many different sizes such as 16mm, 20mm, 32mm, 40mm, 50mm by standard BS6099. The whole production process is always under thorough supervision from selecting input materials to finishing products. Europipe conduits can withstand temperatures from -150C to 900C, bend 900 C. They are of high impact resistance, compressive strength, and especially high fire retardation creating safety for users.

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- Materials: self-extinguishing PVC

- Size: From DN 16mm to DN 50mm

- Standard: IEC 614-2-4 / 105; BS6099

- Color: White, suitable for all interior spaces.




- Resistant to high temperatures: The tube is capable of withstanding the temperature range of -15oC to 90oC

- The tube has 90o bendability, high compressive strength, good impact resistance, and is especially fire-resistant for users.

- Non-toxic: no heavy metal additives, no dirt or pollution by bacteria.

- Low installation costs: Lightweight, easy to install and transport should be able to reduce costs during processing installation.


- Used to go electrical wiring system in the works.

- Europipe Conduit is a highly cost-effective construction solution.

- Chicken intestinal tubes are particularly suitable for floating or construction in areas where installation is difficult, such as kinking or winding; At the same time suitable for use with machinery (moving or stationary), the machine has a great vibration.

- Chicken intestinal tubes are designed to be used with rigid pipe fittings such as junction boxes, connectors, etc.