HDPE pipe fittings

HDPE pipe fittings

EuroPipe along with high-quality uPVC pipes, we offer customers a complete solution with various uPVC fittings:

– A wide variety of products.
– European quality standards.
– Easy installation and connection.
– High standard of hygiene.

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Features Phụ kiện nối & ren Molded HDPE Fittings Fabricated HDPE Pipe Fittings
  PE 100 or PP Material PE 100 PE 100
Size From DN 20mm through DN 110mm availability From DN 40mm through DN 1200mm availability From DN 110mm through DN 1200mm availability
Pressure Rating 16 bar or other nominal pressures available upon request 10 bar, 12.5 bar, 16 bar, or other nominal pressures available upon request 6 Mbar, 10 bar, 16 bar, or other nominal
pressures available upon request
Standard ISO 4427-3:2007; BS 1555-3:2010 ISO 4427-3:2007; BS 1555-3:2010 ISO 4427-3:2007; BS 1555:2010; BS 1519
Color Black Black Black and green stripes
Angles     Various angles are available upon request
Joint Connect Pipe and Fitting by Adapter or Threaded Joint Connect Pipe and Fitting by Flanged or welded joint Connect Pipe and fittings by a welded joint


- Non-toxic: no heavy metal additives, would not be affected by dirt or contaminated by bacterium.

- Corrosion Resistance: resist chemical matters and electron chemical corrosion.

- Low Installation Costs: lightweight and ease of installation can reduce installation costs.

- High Flow Capacity: smooth interior walls result in low-pressure loss and high volume.

- Longevity: More than 50 years under proper use. In theory, it can be more than 100 years.


- Municipal water supply

- Commercial & Residential water supply

- Industrial liquids transportation

- Irrigation pipeline system

- Sewage systems

- Supply of gaseous fuels (BS1555)



1. Clean and mark

Clean up the connection part, mark the inserting depth.

1. Prepare

Prepare the necessary tools.

2. Scrape

Scrape and polish the joint surface.

2. Clamp and clean

Clampdown the pipe on the jig, clean up the joint parts, mill the joint sides, and then adjust the joint parts to make the misplacement less than 10% of the wall thickness.

3. Align and restrain the fittings to the pipes.

3. Heat

Put the heating panel in between the two ends.

4. Apply electric current

Apply the electric current to the fittings; the joining parts will be heated and melted, turn off the current when there is melt flowing in the observation hole.

4. Join

Remove the heating panel after finishing heating, join the two heating parts swiftly, increase the pressure up to the fusion-joint pressure and keep it until it cools down.

5. Cool

Cool without movement or pressure.

5. Complete

Butt Fusion Joint is completed.

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