PP-R 2-layer fittings

PP-R 2-layer fittings

PP-R 2-layer fittings are widely used in liquid transport systems today. With high-quality PPR, PPR pipe fittings are resistant to impact and corrosion, which makes them a good choice for users.

– Various range of products.
– European standard.
– Easy and smooth pipe connection.
– High safety.

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Accessories PP-R 2-layer plastic pipe used is compatible with 2-layer PP-R plastic pipes.


  • Variety of types;
  • Quality meets European standards;
  • Easy and smooth tube integration;
  • Health safety.


- Use compatible with 2-layer PP-R plastic pipes;
- High heat resistance;
- Chemical resistance, ensuring food hygiene and safety;
- Anti-ultraviolet (UV), prevent the aging process of pipes, and increase the life of pipes when installed in the sun, thereby increasing the life of the works;
- Construction is fast, and economical and ensures the aesthetics of the works.


Compatible with 2-layer PP-R plastic pipes, suitable for the purpose of conducting and distributing hot and cold water for domestic, medical, and industrial needs, ... or used in other industries. heating and air conditioning systems.

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