[Press report] 05 factors that create attraction with EUROPIPE distribution system

EUROPIPE understands that it is not possible to go the “long way” alone. In order to quickly deliver good products to users, EUROPIPE has been focusing on distribution system development activities.

EUROPIPE is a brand of plastic pipes with European quality standards at reasonable prices for Vietnamese people.

The distribution system is like a golden key that plays an important role in the way to conquer the market for an enterprise producing goods and services. There, each link is like a warrior, an extended arm of the business, carrying a message and mission from the will of the company leader, product information, sales policy implementation, and warranty to the consumer.

Understanding the importance of the distribution system in marking the brand, capturing market share, and affirming the position of pure Vietnamese products, after a decade of being on the market, Euro Green Plastics Co., Ltd. (EUROPIPE) has built 5 necessary and sufficient factors to create strength for its distribution system.

Clear and long-term development orientation of the leadership

Since its establishment, the business leadership has determined to build EUROPIPE into a brand bearing European quality standards at a reasonable price for Vietnamese people. Therefore, every plan of EUROPIPE, from building the factory, selecting equipment and materials, looking for expert engineers to building a distribution system, is carried out methodically, with the goal of bringing quality products and leading sales and after-sales services to domestic consumers.

Thanks to the thorough and methodical strategy of the company’s leadership, EUROPIPE’s distribution system has been continuously expanded over the years.

As for the construction of the distribution system, EUROPIPE’s management understands that it must have good market coverage for the brand to be able to penetrate deeply into the works and reach consumers with quality, price, and guaranteed service. Therefore, EUROPIPE’s sales system is closely established by selling channels divided by region, province, and specific area. In each region, each province, the company chooses enthusiastic distributors who are not afraid of hardships, and above all, transparently implement prices, genuine product policies, and customer care according to regulations and standards.

Thanks to the thorough and methodical strategy of the company’s leadership, EUROPIPE’s distribution system has been continuously expanded over the years, bringing business efficiency to the company, and top-quality products to customers. products and enrich hundreds of distribution partners of the brand across the country.

The product quality of EUROPIPE is always at the top of the market.

The quality of the company’s products is a solid foundation

“My biggest belief in EUROPIPE is product quality” – this is the common answer of many EUROPIPE distributors when asked why they are willing to cooperate with enterprises in the first years of entering the market.

The representative of distributor Dung Huong in the Central region of EUROPIPE once shared that the quality of EUROPIPE’s products is always at the top of the market, certified by shipments to difficult markets abroad and exported. Currently in key construction projects nationwide such as Van Don airport, clean water companies are familiar partners of a series of big brands such as Vingroup, Sungroup, Geleximco, Samsung, Lotte, Hyundai, LG, Tokyu… In fact, EUROPIPE’s products are certified to European standards through a series of tests from independent research laboratories and national certification bodies.

According to a distributor of EUROPIPE in Son La, thanks to the quality of EUROPIPE plastic pipes with great bearing capacity, it is a rare product that can meet the supply contract for the project to bring clean water from the valley up. high mountain in Son La, the brand has conquered consumers here.

The modern, large-scale factory is the clearest proof

Planning on an area of 10 hectares, EUROPIPE’s factory is a rare production unit in the industry with an initial investment scale of 700 billion VND in Vietnam, built on the criteria of having technology, world-class equipment, people, and services, fully and synchronously providing a wide range of products with diverse diameters from 20mm – 1,200mm. The entire line is imported CBU from Germany, raw materials are imported from Saudi Arabia, leading expert engineers system from Europe, and applying automatic production process with robots… Bulk orders, diverse designs, sizes from small to super large, meeting both common civil works and special projects.

When witnessing firsthand the scale and modern production line at EUROPIPE factory, partners fully believe in the quality of products.

With a large and modern production system, EUROPIPE is ready to create more trust for distributors through many times inviting its partners to visit the factory to understand more about the product as well as the production process. When customers and partners see firsthand the scale and modern production lines at this factory, partners fully believe in quality, design, and production output. Thereby creating favorable conditions for distributors of EUROPIPE to win contracts and create a solid position for distributors in localities across the country.

Always consider customers as the focus of service

On the way to conquering the domestic market, EUROPIPE also had a difficult start when it was born later, having to compete with many big names in the industry that have become familiar in the subconscious of consumers. Faced with that situation, the company and the distribution system understand that the most important thing when solving the problem of expanding the market for the brand is sincerity in convincing customers.

“Regarding customers as a family to serve wholeheartedly, wholeheartedly, and thoughtfully like relatives. Only then, customers can stay with me for a long time,” shared Mr. Minh Hien, a representative of the central region distributor of EUROPIPE.

EUROPIPE always considers partners and customers as the focus of service.

In fact, in almost all areas present, EUROPIPE’s distribution system goes deep and goes closely to each customer, each foot of the project. In Son La, distributor Nhat Dung said he had to cross hundreds of kilometers of mountain passes to bring products directly to the foot of constructions and houses, introducing consumers to a Vietnamese plastic pipe brand. European standard quality, with a warranty period of up to 30 years – a record in the market.

Distributor Nhat Dung said that it was his sincerity and the proven quality of EUROPIPE that helped him win the bid to supply plastic pipes for many projects and people in the province, reinforcing the confidence to increase growth by 15-20% per year as the plan he set for himself when accompanying EUROPIPE.

Distributors are extension arms

Not only considering distributors as partners, but EUROPIPE also calls them “warriors”, affirming that these are the representatives of EUROPIPE in each province, each district, each commune, each construction site, and each household. EUROPIPE’s regional and regional distributors, as well as distribution partners who decide to accompany the brand, are guaranteed the highest benefits, trained and shared how to do it, solved difficulties, and honored on important holidays.

Mr. Nguyen Nhat Hung – a representative of Nhat Dung distributor in Son La province has 6 years as a distribution partner of EUROPIPE. Before coming to the Euro Green plastic pipe brand, Mr. Hung had cooperated with many large Vietnamese and international pipe companies but was impressed with the quality of the brand’s products and services for customers and partners. , as well as the mission of a Vietnamese plastic pipe product to replace imports, he decided to become a “warrior to pave the way” for EUROPIPE. And the brand itself also finds ways to accompany its “warrior” on the journey to conquer the market.

“EUROPIPE has always supported me very well. Son La is a remote area, is difficult to travel, from the city center to the works of the district can be up to 150-200 km. The company supports the freight to the bottom of the construction site for distributors and brings more market staff to assist distributors in marking the brand’s image to the people. Thanks to that, EUROPIPE plastic pipes now have a strong foothold in the Son La market, occupying a large market share,” said Mr. Hung.

The distribution system is like a golden key that plays an important role in the way to conquer the market for an enterprise producing goods and services.

In addition, the annual meeting and honoring ceremony held at the enterprise is a way for EUROPIPE to honor friends and partners who have been attached and devoted to the brand in the past time, and also to express their gratitude for their contributions to building a position for a European quality Vietnamese brand in the plastic pipe industry.