The 8X man and the turning point of the career when “ matching the giant branding”

In Hue, Distributor Dung Huong has brought the Europipe, A plastic pipe of Northern companies which have never been known in this place. Not only succeeding in making it familiar to the locals of Hue but He has also contributed to the construction.

The mark of the North’s leading oil pump brand in the ancient capital

Gia Hoi Old Quarter, located on the banks of the Huong River, leaves a deep impression of the shape of ancient Hue, where the ancient features from the Nguyen Dynasty are still bold. This place has been witnessing the change of the city when this land turns in the plan to become a member of the six national-level urban centers in the urban system of Vietnam, and one of the three most prominent heritage cities in the whole of Indochina by 2025.

Owning a store that distributes electrical and water supplier products with a 25-year history in Hue thanks to the continuation of the family business, Minh Hien shared that from his childhood years to the day he received his inheritance, he was still from his parents’ feet to the local retailers, or standing in the family store until the days when he went to find a new location by himself, he witnessed the day-by-day change of Hue city as well as in the family business itself.


“When my parents still owned the store, most of the products were traditional products, familiar brands for many years with Hue people. Until 2015, I still saw the southern plastic pipe brands dominating the majority of the construction market in this city, while not a single manufacturer in the North could establish its own place.” Hien said.

This is also the time that EUROPIPE – the plastic pipe brand of Euro Green Plastic Company (A member company of AMACCAO Group) – expands the consumption market to the Central and South regions. This action aims to bring products of European quality and has achieved the leading position in the North to Vietnamese people the whole country. In 2016, when the director of this brand visited the market and approached Mr. Hien, the relationship between EUROPIPE and this distributor officially began.

In the first time of cooperation, Mr. Hien sold EUROPIPE’s products with other plastic pipes. Even with the naked eye, one can see the superiority between EUROPIPE’s pipes and similar brands, thanks to technology from extruders imported directly from Germany, sharp pipe molds, and the most diverse list of fittings. But at the beginning, the distributor’s turnover was not high, and the quantity of imported goods was unstable because there was no familiar specification for the locals.

However, the market has gradually changed in recent years. As localities in the country, Hue accelerates infrastructure construction, urban landscape, and residential areas. According to the Hue people’s Committee’s plan for the city vision for 2025 and 2030, the need to implement key real estate projects such as Hanoi Boulevard, An Van Duong’s new urban area, the northern residential area of An ward Hoa, Bac Huong So resettlement area, Phu My An urban area, etc. The real estate in Hue increased sharply and created strong growth opportunities for new brands in the construction materials industry, especially quality and energy brands,  and quickly caught up with market trends such as EUROPIPE.

“The demand for construction is growing. If the previous time, the projects only boomed in the city area, But now even the remote and highland districts such as Lam Dong, Huong Giang, Huong Huu, etc about 60 km from Hue also have had new projects consecutively. The hot market brought more opportunities, so at that time I thought I had to do something differently,” said Hien.

From “Zero” to “No.1”

Although young, running a family company with a 25-year history in the field of distribution of water equipment, Mr. Hien decided to spend more investment in the local EUROPIPE sales system.

When asked why he chose EUROPIPE over another plastic pipe brand, he shared: “EUROPIPE has the advantage of the success in the North. I directly visited the factory, where EUROPIPE’s products are manufactured on modern machinery lines according to German technology, and quality and safe raw materials are imported from the UAE and some Northern European countries. Moreover, foreign experts are involved in operating and transferring every stage of the whole process. This plastic pipe unit lasts a 30-year warranty, which as the distributor I am always proud of to customers. They can be assured of a commitment to product quality from the company. Besides, the support policy for Distributors as well as after-sales service is very good, so I choose to promote it.”.

Initially, renting a warehouse for storing products, Mr. Hien created his own base to focus on boosting sales. Under his management, in just a short time, EUROPIPE has had its own stores and 3 large warehouses. they have been leased for a long time to meet the demand for plastic pipes for projects as well as wholesalers in the market.

Recalling the early days, selling to wholesalers was very difficult, this distributor had to find a way to sell for each project. Especially the group of public investment projects that he focused on, including the Resettlement Zone project Bac Huong So Residence – a key project to renovate and embellish Hue city under the direction of the Chairman of the People’s Committee.

Having outstanding quality, the brand has been familiar to large investors and contractors, moreover, AMACCAO Group allows customers to take samples for independent testing. Therefore,  EUROPIPE plastic pipes have been trusted to use in this project.  When EUROPIPE pipes lined the outside of this project site, Hue people had a different view of a northern brand.

“This is a big project, so it requires very close quality and supervision, monitoring, measuring, and checking delivery for each vehicle. But EUROPIPE’s products are always guaranteed, have stable quality, and meet the requirements of the project. the locals in Hue prefer using products whatever the State uses, so they quickly accept EUROPIPE products, even actively looking to buy them.”

From the initial project success, creating more favorable conditions for public works contractors, EUROPIPE’s products are trusted to be listed on Hue Finance service. In transitory, EUROPIPE plastic pipes have made their mark in a series of large and small projects such as roads, urban areas, and houses, and are present in all stores selling water industry equipment from the city to the suburbs highland areas by focusing on strengthening the distribution system.

A new chance to break through in a new situation

While the products of the old brand are already saturated, EUROPIPE has just brought in new technology and quickly added pipes with popular specifications in the markets. This did not take time to become the #1st choice of construction contractors. Along projects, retail customers in many districts, even upland communes also look to buy. Initially, they had to go to the store, to the warehouse of this distributor to buy EUROPIPE plastic pipes. Seeing that the neighboring markets are also starting to accept and prefer EUROPIPE’s plastic pipes, Mr. Hien has focused on promoting the agent segment. Firstly, the dealers they only took for sale. After that, perhaps because retail and construction buyers have been familiar with and reassured by the quality of EUROPIPE pipes, it is becoming much easier to sell to agents. The number of orders from wholesalers is increasing gradually to serve retailers and projects in the region. That leads to the average monthly consumption in Hue reaching billions of dong at the peak.

Especially, when the real estate market recovers after the epidemic, construction on works resumed, with the goal of promoting economic growth, and the real estate industry is expected to explode in the near future. Along with the rise of the building materials industry in general, the plastic pipe market is also forecasted to grow strongly with its potential, and create a driving force for dynamic and quality brands such as EUROPIPE.

Therefore, not resting on their laurels, Mr. Hien said that in addition to strong development in urban areas with EUROPIPE, he will further develop distribution channels in Hue’s remote areas. This makes people access and uses European quality plastic pipes but also at a reasonable price. According to him, thanks to the support policy in the Hue market applied by EUROPIPE, he is assured to expand the system without concerns about unfair competition or price manipulation.

To motivate its partners, EUROPIPE launched an attractive gratitude program, accumulating rewards with gifts of great value motorbikes for distributors according to the revenue from 900 million VND to 2.5 billion dongs in the fourth quarter. As recent programs so far, this program of EUROPIPE has received an enthusiastic response from its distribution partners across the country. Especially Mr. Hien, with the dealer network being expanded and revenue growth, is determined and confident to achieve level 3 at 2.5 billion in revenue to be able to receive a reward of Honda SH- worth 120 million VND.


Euro Green Plastics Co., Ltd (EUROPIPE)

Euro Green Plastics Co., Ltd (EUROPIPE) specializes in the production of European standard plastic pipes and fittings. EUROPIPE’s products are manufactured on modern machinery lines according to German technology with safe and quality raw materials imported from UAE and some Nordic countries. In particular, EUROPIPE also commits to warranty products for up to 30 years for all customers.

Currently, EUROPIPE is having an attractive promotion program to give cars to Distributors.

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