Broken water pipes, leaks are one of the situations you often encounter in your home. So, how to fix it? Let’s learn about the following simple plumbing repair.

What causes water pipes to leak or burst?

One of the most susceptible locations for water leaks is usually in the joints with the main cause being:

  • Poor plumbing system
  • Due to the careless construction process, it collides, leading to cracking and opening of the connection
  • Using poor quality pipe glue
  • Due to improper pipe connection technique
  • Using poor quality plastic pipes

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How to identify a leaky pipe?

Based on the water meter you will see the propeller or the meter indicator jump continuously even though not using water
The water bill suddenly skyrocketed compared to a few months ago
The edge of the wall or the corner of the wall with the water supply pipe running across it is severely permeable and moldy
The phenomenon of the ceiling is leaking without knowing the cause

How to fix leaky pipes in the wall

Step 1: Locate the leak

At the location of water leaks, mold often appears, and the walls are discolored. You can put your ear against the wall to listen to the soft sound of water and determine through the drawing (if any).

Step 2: Prepare repair tools

Tools include Hammer, pipe cutter, water pipe, pipe glue, connector,…

Step 3: Proceed to connect the wall water pipe

  • After determining the leak location, conduct a chisel to break the waterlogged area to check
  • Look for leaky pipes then cut out broken or leaking pipes
  • Use a hose connector of the same size to reconnect
  • The construction process must be done carefully and thoughtfully to avoid water leakage later
  • After completing the work, use cement mortar to thoroughly seal the wall surface

For places where the gap is uPVC, the gap between the water pipe and the joints you can also use the following:

– Use glue to patch uPVC pipes with a thick layer outside

– Use flexible black adhesive tape to wrap and glue many rings on the outside of the pipe, this method is only used in cases where the water pipe is cracked and the outer surface must be clean and smooth.

– For places where joints are located, it is necessary to use silk glue to wrap the connectors before installing, use wool dipped in leak-proof glue and wrap between the joints, and then tighten them tightly.

To reduce the worry of repairing water pipes, immediately choose high-quality plastic pipes like EUROPIPE for your project!