EUROPIPE exports plastic pipes to Hong Kong

The lead clamp was pressed, and the container trucks rolled to bring EUROPIPE’s products to Hai Phong port, starting the journey to beautiful Hong Kong.

From October 3 to 5, 2022, the European green plastic pipe factory EUROPIPE packed enough goods into containers of HDPE pipe products for export to Hong Kong.

According to the customer’s share, a representative of Linksshape company, this order has special requirements for raw materials to produce new plastic pipes that meet the strict standards of the Hong Kong market. It must be a clean, primary, and clear source of raw materials. EUROPIPE uses all 100% virgin plastic beads imported directly from the UAE to produce its plastic pipe products. In addition, a system of modern production lines and machines operated by experts from Europe is also considered an important condition to help EUROPIPE become this first choice.

This is not the first time EUROPIPE’s products have been exported, which further confirms the prestige, quality, and position of the European green plastic brand EUROPIPE.

EUROPIPE xuất khẩu Hồng Kông
Rolled HDPE pipes are loaded into containers
EUROPIPE xuất khẩu Hồng Kông
Close-up of rolled HDPE pipe products
Những chiếc ống HPDE lồng trong ống với số lượng lớn
EUROPIPE exports Hong Kong
EUROPIPE xuất khẩu Hồng Kông
Conduct lead clamping to seal the container for transportation to Hai Phong port
EUROPIPE xuất khẩu Hồng Kông
The lead clamp is firmly fixed to ensure the safety of the shipment
EUROPIPE xuất khẩu Hồng Kông
Orders are carefully controlled from production to export
EUROPIPE xuất khẩu Hồng Kông
The truck is ready to go
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