Recently, European Green Plastics Co., Ltd (EuroPipe) held a summary of the first 7 months of the year for the distribution business in the country. The production block along with representatives of EuroPipe’s distributors throughout the North – Central – South regions was present at EuroPipe Plastic Pipe & Fittings Factory in Thai Nguyen to participate in this very important review.

“Math” for EuroPipe “warriors”

At the closing ceremony, Mr. To Van Nhat – Chairman of the Board of Directors of Euro Green Plastics Co., Ltd. spent a lot of time listening to the representatives’ reports, sharing the difficulties as well as the results achieved in the past 7 months. via.

Euro Green Plastic Co., Ltd. held a meeting to summarize the first 7 months of the 2018 distribution business

In the first 7 months of 2018, along with the project business, the distribution segment is considered a key part of EuroPipe when the Board of Directors focuses all resources, from finance to humans, to develop the distribution system in the world. across the country, from North to South. Up to the present time, according to the report of Mr. Nguyen Van Vinh – General Director of EuroPipe, the company currently has 32 distributors, concentrated in the North and Central regions. In which, Bac Ninh – Bac Giang are two of the localities with the fastest and steady growth, continuously leading in the distribution block.

On the distributor’s side, most of the representatives agree that: the quality of EuroPipe branded plastic pipes and fittings is not inferior to well-known products on the market, while the cost is quite competitive. However, EuroPipe’s products have not yet penetrated deeply into the market with uneven and continuous sales volume, leading to unexpected results. This is the biggest difficulty for EuroPipe’s “warriors” to bring production value to consumers.

Mr. Nguyen Van Vinh – General Director of EuroPipe shared difficulties with representatives of distributors

Finding solutions for EuroPipe

To solve this problem, the “warriors” of EuroPipe have also come up with their own “solutions”. The representative of the Bac Giang – Bac Ninh distributor said: We have brought the products to the hands of customers, doing experiments right in front of their eyes to prove that the quality of EuroPipe products is not inferior to other brands. other famous and reputable brands. Most of the customers who have personally tested the product quality are satisfied and continue to trust and support them.

According to Mr. Nguyen Van Ninh, a distributor in the Da Nang – Central region, the most important thing in solving this problem is the sincerity in convincing customers. “Regarding customers as a family to serve wholeheartedly, wholeheartedly, and thoughtfully like relatives. That way, new customers can stay with me for a long time.” “That’s why we urgently need the Company’s Board of Directors to organize more skill training sessions for sales warriors throughout the system,” emphasized Mr. Ninh.

EuroPipe brand HDPE pipes are always appreciated by customers for the quality and design of products

Agreeing with the distributor’s share, Mr. To Van Nhat emphasized: “The more demanding customers are, the more motivation we have to conquer them. Once conquered, that relationship will certainly be stronger because what goes from the heart will come to the heart and stay longer than ever. The most important thing of sales warriors is perseverance, sincerity & honesty in every word and action, only then will they create trust in customers, only then will they sell more products. In addition, he also emphasized: “We have a modern factory with equipment and machinery imported entirely from abroad, we also have a team of experts – top skilled engineers in the industry. country. Advanced & modern, strict & strict production process from input stage to production stage, output stage. Therefore, we can bring our customers directly to the factory to visit and verify all our commitments. This will be our most meaningful response to our customers.”

EuroPipe’s leadership encourages and encourages the spirit of sales “warriors”

This open-hearted sharing made the atmosphere of the first 7 months of the year review meeting, which was dry with standard documents or prepared speeches, become closer and more intimate thanks to stories, experiences, experiences from distributors and the Board of Directors of the Company. This helps distributors from three regions of the country closer together, better understand the thoughts and aspirations of the Board of Directors of the Company and jointly develop in the industry of plastic pipes and plastic pipe accessories.

At the end of the closing session, EuroPipe’s Board of Directors directly took the representatives of the distributors to visit the factory, visit the production line and witness the warehouse with their own eyes to add love, trust, and motivation. for sales warriors. All are admired, admired and have more motivation to continue dedicating themselves to the development and growth of EuroPipe.

Representatives of EuroPipe distributors marveled at the production process and factory scale in Thai Nguyen.