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Silent water Pipe: Our lastest development.

Reducing noise from wastewater and drainage systems in the home is not only about environmental quality but about quality of life. Europipe current systems that are so effective and affordable, doesn’t make sense to install anything else in a new construction project. We are developing:

3 layers pipes :

  • External black PP layer provides high-impact strength and excellent UV resistance.
  • Intermediate PP-MD layer provides acoustic insulation and increases the pipe stiffness.
  • Internal low-friction white PP layer provides the best flow performance, high resistance to chemical agents and high-definition contrast for visual monitoring.

Super silent system:

  • Enhanced flow rate due to smart, progressive design and full range of fittings
  • High temperature resistance: 95 °C long term, 102 °C short term
  • Extreme low-temperature impact strength: -20 °C for assembly
  • Lightweight, easy handling and installation: Push-fit, ring seal, connection method
  • Swept branches improve the flow rate and reduce turbulence flow and accompanying airborne noise.