EuroPipe - Green business for sustainable development

  • 05/11/2018
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With the goal of sustainable development as well as responsible business for the community and society. Euro Green Plastic Co., Ltd - EuroPipe (Member of AMACCAO Group) is proud to be the most modern enterprise in Vietnam which specializes in manufacturing pipes and fittings in accordance with European quality standards and enviromentally friendly.


Green Economic Development and Green Growth are the problem of special importance of the Party, Sate and Government. Resolution No. 35 of the Government on supporting business development with aming to build the morality, corporate culture and comply with the law in protecting the natural environment, not only economic development but also downplay the seriousness of environment.

Although, EuroPipe Co., LTD has been joined the new market in manufacturing plastic pipes and fittings on 6 years (Since 2013), but still exit many difficulties and limited resources, However, Board of Directors of Green Euro Plastics Pipes Co., LTD is still focused on promoting the sustainable development associated with environmental protection. The company has actively implemented green growth strategies, materials reuse development, fuel saving solutions, etc with many specific programs and projects.


EuroPipe pipes and fittings manufacturing factory is located in Km 35 - No.3 Highway of Thuan Thanh Commune - Pho Yen Town - Thai Nguyen Province. Here is the gateway location to the south of province and adjacent to Hanoi city, a favorable geographic location with the synchronous transportation system including railway, waterway and road (Highway Ha Noi - Thai Nguyen, National Road No. 3) as well as an important position in the process of integration and socio-economic development in the local.

EuroPipe factory ensures the green enviroment and friendly enviroment

Over the past years, with attention to the Government's investment and management skills and scientific management of leaders at all levels, Pho Yen town has been, is having a significant breakthrough development of socio-economic. Modern infrastructure system, health care and education network are invested in accordance with the national standards and improving quality. In addition, The people's life has been improved and political security has been maintained.

These are favorable conditions of companies as Green Euro Plastic Pipes Co., LTD is located currently in Thai Nguyen province.


Is a joint venture company which specializes in manufacturing pipes and fittings, EuroPipe owns the most modern and advanced equipment in Viet Nam, especially, extrusion system imported from BattenfeldCincinnati – the 1st company of Germany specializing in pipe and fitting manufacturing technology.

EuroPipe invested the most modern equipments

EuroPipe's input materials are pure raw resins imported from the UAE and other Nordic countries, not toxic for the health of consumers, ensuring quality products and friendly environment, of which Copper content>59%, lead content<2%, certified to ensure hygiene and safe packaging.

Especially, EuroPipe pipes and fittings manufacturing factory controlled and monitored the quality by these leading advanced and professional technicians from European who have good and experienced knowledge.

uPVC pipe storage at EuroPipe factory

EuroPipe's pipes and fittings always ensure the quality in accordance with international standards, highly guarantee level as well as competitive price with import products, meeting the tough customers in the variety of fields. With the quality, service brings the different breakthrough, EuroPipe offers a 30-year warranty - Mr Jonas Paul Danielson, Green Euro Plastic Pipes's Business Development Director said.

Jonas Paul Danielson - Representive of Business Development Director of Green Euro Plastics Co., Ltd in the meeting partners at headquater

Currently, EuroPipe has a workshop and factory system located in Pho Yen Industrial Zone (Thai Nguyen), one of the four key industrial clusters of AMACCAO Group and one of the three leading enterprise in Viet Nam manufacturing plastic pipes and fittings with the diameters of up to 1200mm. With strongly manufacturing and competitive capacity, EuroPipe has won the trust of many international and national partners such as Sam Sung, Huyndai, Posco, DaeWoo E & C, Vingroup, FLC Group, Sungroup, BRG. Group, Hai Phat Invest, Sao Mai Group, Hoa Phat Group, Viettin Bank, Hawee, Contecons, UDIC, Hoa Binh Group, Hancorp, etc.

HDPE pipes's trademark is highly evaluated in the market.

However, the green economic development and green growth still have many problems, but the most important problem is the awareness and difference of inside the green economy, green growth. Thus, EuroPipe's Board of Directors has developed the strategy and solutions for each stage of its development to ensure the sustainable green development. In parallel with the innovation process of the growth model, application of high technology and modern machinery, especially EuroPipe will invest in the human factor because it is an important and decisive factor for green development as the target set by the Board of Directors from the beginning.

Telling about development plans in the future, Jonas Paul Danielson said: "EuroPipe will continuously improve the modern machinery and equipment as well as continue to improve knowledge and skills for engineers, skilled workers, aiming to improve production efficiency. In addition, EuroPipe's experts and engineers continue researching and developing and launching the new products line with breakthrough features to increase distribution products to the South market and export products to international markets. EuroPipe will coordinate with Pho Yen town in particular and Thai Nguyen province, in general, to develop the socio-economic development of the province.