Building trust from love and responsibility

  • 05/11/2018
  • News

Recently, Green Plastic Pipes LTD., Co (EuroPipe) has held a 7-month review of its distribution business throughout the country. The production team together with representatives of EuroPipe's North-Central-South distributors were present at the EuroPipe pipes and fittings factory in Thai Nguyen to attend this very important meeting.


In the session, Mr. To Van Nhat - Chairman of Green Euro Plastic Pipes Co., LTD spent a lot of time listening to the representatives reporting and sharing difficulties as well as results achieved in the last 7 months.

Green Europe Plastics Pipes Co., Ltd. reviewed the first 7 months of 2018 in distribution business.

In the first seven months of 2018, project business and sales distribution were the spearhead businesses of EuroPipe when management team focused on resources from finance to human resources to develop the distribution system nationwide. According to the report of Mr. Nguyen Van Vinh - General Director of EuroPipe, the company is owning 32 distributors which concentrate in the North and Central regions. In which, Bac Ninh - Bac Giang are two of the fastest growing areas, leading the distribution sector.

On distributors' side, almost representatives agree that the quality of plastic pipes and fittings under the EuroPipe's brand is not inferior to that of the well-known brands in the market while EuroPipe's prices are quite competitive. However, EuroPipe's products have not well penetrated into the market with the number of sold is uneven and not continuous, resulting in unexpected results. This is the biggest difficulty for EuroPipe's "warriors" to bring the value of EuroPipe's products to consumers.

Nguyen Van Vinh - General Director of EuroPipe shared operation difficulties with representatives of distributors


To solve this problem, the "warriors" of EuroPipe have also given their own solutions. Bac Giang- Bac Ninh's representative said: "We have directly brought our products to our customers and tested EuroPipe's products right in front of them to prove that the quality of EuroPipe's products is not inferior to that of other reputable brands. Most of the customers after the first test of product quality are satisfied and choose to continue to believe and support our products."

According to Nguyen Van Ninh: Representative of Da Nang - Central Distribution sector, the most important thing in solving this problem is the sincerity in the way of persuading customers. "Consider customers your family to serve them with dedicated, caring and thoughtful attitudes. With that mindset, new customers will stay with you for a long time.", Mr. Ninh emphasized. He also added: "Therefore, we really need the Board of Directors to organize more training courses for salesmen throughout the system".

HDPE pipes belonging to EuroPipe's brand are always evaluated highly on quality and product design.

Agreeing with sharing from the distributor, Mr. To Van Nhat emphasized: "The more picky a customer is, the more motivation we have to persuade them. Once customers are persuaded to use our products, the relationship with them will be stronger because customers can feel the sincerity in our service. The most important thing for salesmen is perseverance, sincerity and honesty in each word and action so as to create trust from customers; as a result, more products are sold." In addition, he added, "We have a modern factory with fully imported machinery and equipment. We aslo have a team of leading professionals in the country. Moreover, our production process is advanced & modern, strictly controlled from the stage of production to the stage of distribution and consuming. Therefore, we can bring our customers directly to the factory to visit and verify all of our commitments. This will be our most meaningful answer for our customers."

Leaders of EuroPipe encouraged the spirit of sales "warriors".

These open sharings along with experiences and stories from Board of Directors created an intimate atmosphere for the 7-month review. This helps distributors from three regions of the country to come closer to each other as well as having better understanding of the expectations and aspirations of the Board of Directors, promising to jointly develop in the plastic pipe industry and plastic pipe fittings.

To conclude the meeting, EuroPipe's board of directors with the representatives made a direct visit to the factory, production line and warehouse to grow more love, confidence, and motivation for sales warriors to continue contributing to the growth and development of EuroPipe.

Representatives of EuroPipe's distributors were amazed while witnessing the production process and factory scale in Thai Nguyen.