Sharing of Nhat Dung Distributors – Son La when collaborating with EUROPIPE

After many difficulties when trading a “brand new” plastic pipe product for the first time in the Son La market, until now, Nhat Dung Distributors has captured an important market share and become one of the leading distributors. by EUROPIPE.

What made Nhat Dung NPP choose EUROPIPE? What are some memorable moments in the working process? Listen to his share below!

Reporter: Before cooperating with EUROPIPE, what other partners did you cooperate with?

_Before cooperating with EUROPIPE, I also worked with 2-3 other pipe companies such as Tien Phong, De Nhat plastic, and Thuan Phat plastic.

Reporter: Why did you decide to accompany EUROPIPE?

_I accompany EUROPIPE because of the company’s product quality and good service.

Reporter: What impressed you the most when learning about EUROPIPE?

_I am most impressed by the very large scale of the factory, the goods are manufactured on a very modern line of Germany with imported materials from famous markets such as the UAE.

Reporter: What was the most difficult point when you cooperated with EUROPIPE?

_The most difficult thing is that in the Son La market, we don’t know what EUROPIPE is, how is it plastic pipe. The first time was very difficult because the market was familiar with Tien Phong goods and deeply ingrained in people’s minds. I decided to bring EUROPIPE products to me, but the difficult decision was that I had to sell directly to construction, and houses, introduce the company’s products directly and I had to offer programs and prices. good. Even when I deliver the goods to the construction site, they do not receive the goods because they do not know the quality of the pipe, so it takes a long time to explain. The first time was very difficult. Now has a foothold in the market, selling very well recently.

Reporter: How do you rate EUROPIPE’s support?

_EUROPIPE is good support. In Son La, this remote area, the terrain is very difficult to travel from the city center to the works in the districts, it can be from 150-200km, and the road is winding, but the company cooperation is very good, the freight support is very good. transportation to the construction sites, so I see the company has good support with Son La NPP.

Reporter: Do you have any suggestions on the improvement of EUROPIPE?

_Need more market staff to introduce products so that more people know and do promotional programs in the city,… so that people, works know,…

Reporter: What makes you believe in EUROPIPE?

_I believe in the quality of EUROPIPE, especially HDPE pipes. The terrain in Son La is hilly, many clean water works have to be pumped up to the high mountains. Our HDPE plastic products have the good bearing capacity, so they are well appreciated and favored by customers.

Reporter: Evaluation of EUROPIPE market in the Son La area

_In the Son La market, there are many fiercely competitive pipe companies, but I still believe in the development of EUROPIPE, believe in product quality.

Reporter: What are your expectations when collaborating with EUROPIPE?

_I have cooperated with EUROPIPE for 5-6 years now, the market share is also large in the market and I expect sales to grow by 15-20%/year.

Reporter: Evaluate EUROPIPE with 3 words


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